Lady Lavender is a full time global ministry page run by Jamie Poole. She is active in the United Pentecostal Church International. Jamie graduated from Harvest Bible College in Glasgow, Scotland in 2017 with an Associates Degree in Theology. Jamie has two cats, loves art and museums, drinking coffee or sparkling water, and enjoys online shopping. She loves new experiences and meeting new people.

Why Missions

Growing up I knew I wanted to do two things: travel and help people. I have always loved learning about other cultures. Their intricacies and ideologies. The history of other countries is what shapes everything in one single person. Traveling is the best way to experience this first hand. There is nothing like walking the […]


And so we begin…

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Here is a little about me: I am Apostolic. My faith is what defines everything about me. All that I am and all that I do comes down to my relationship with Jesus. Because of this, I am a missionary. Following the call of God has not been easy every […]