And so we begin…

“Follow me!
I’ll lead you to the best donuts.”

Hello! Welcome to my blog. Here is a little about me:

  • I am Apostolic. My faith is what defines everything about me. All that I am and all that I do comes down to my relationship with Jesus.
  • Because of this, I am a missionary. Following the call of God has not been easy every step of the way, but it has been an amazing and incredible experience. I have met some of my best friends and gone to beautiful places because of the call of God. More importantly, I have watched God do great things to/through others and myself.
  • I am a southern girl from Athens, Georgia. Go Dawgs! I grew up running through fields without shoes on. Vegetables taste better fried.
  • I have two beautiful girls. Their names are Skunk and Stormzy. I treat my cats like they are my children.
  • I like to act as if I am a foodie and coffee snob. Really I just like to try some new things (when I’m not being too picky) and drink way too much (sugary) coffee.
  • I enjoy fashion, but it has take a backseat to basically everything that is on the top of this list. My favorite colors are leopard print and lavender so they will show up a lot.

I will be posting a new blog once a week so check back in when you can! Some of my upcoming topics will be: travels, travel tips, faith, insights, and my mission field.

Stay beautiful, Lady Lavender